Language is central to students’ intellectual, social, and emotional development and has an essential role in all key learning areas.

The learning experiences will assist students to become competent in English and to use language effectively in a range of contexts (English Syllabus K–6).

At Sacred Heart Primary, we believe children learn best when:

  • there is focused learning which centres on the needs and learning style of individual students
  • they are engaged in meaningful activities based on prior knowledge and experiences
  • all stakeholders know the outcomes learners are working towards
  • they are exposed to good models in a motivating and ‘risk-taking’ environment
  • teachers are open to ideas and are actively engaged in professional development.

The students are taught by a dedicated team of experienced and highly qualified teachers who will develop their enjoyment, confidence and independence as language users and learners. Classroom teaching programs are structured to focus on the learning needs of all students to gain maximum success.

Sacred Heart Mt Druitt


At Sacred Heart Primary, students:

  • are actively engaged in all learning opportunities provided
  • will become responsible for their own literacy learning
  • will become confident in accessing different sources of information within the class, e.g. teacher, peer, modelled text, parent, etc.
  • will confidently share and discuss their learning
  • will work independently, in small groups and as a whole class
  • will read at home each night.

At Sacred Heart Primary, the environment will be conducive to learning, by:

  • having appropriate learning tools and resources easily accessible
  • providing a ‘safe’ atmosphere where risk-taking is promoted
  • using a variety of learning texts
  • allowing for appropriate strategies, i.e. the whole, small, individual approach to learning
  • using specialist support services during the literacy block
  • using visual displays, e.g. spelling rules, word families, word banks, word towers, written texts, modelled writing and reading
  • incorporating technology into the learning of literacy.

During literacy, students are:

  • working at stage-appropriate levels
  • actively engaged with levelled texts
  • confident to take risks
  • actively participating in small group activities
  • actively engaged in learning opportunities
  • participating in guided reading and writing
  • enjoying their learning
  • sharing their learning experiences.

The teacher will:

  • regularly assess children’s progress
  • group children according to their stage of development
  • provide and monitor levelled reading material for guided reading, reciprocal reading and reader’s circle
  • direct daily guided reading and writing in accordance with the children’s level of achievement
  • prepare appropriate resources
  • be actively involved in all aspects of literacy
  • encourage home reading by providing levelled texts
  • continuously assess reading using running records
  • display an enthusiasm for literacy
  • have high expectations of the children
  • provide stimulating and challenging activities
  • prepare and use focused activities
  • use the whole, small, individual approach to learning.

Literacy based activities

Voice of Youth

The Voice of Youth is a public speaking competition for Year 6 students. All students are given the opportunity to present a short oral presentation on an issue that is close to their hearts. Following a school competition, a small group of students represent our school at the cluster final. In previous years, Sacred Heart Primary students have been awarded places in the zone final and been presented with the Social Justice Trophy, for creating awareness of social justice issues.

UNSW Competitions

These competitions are available to all students in Years 3–6 and cover English, Mathematics and writing.



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