Vision & Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality education for our children in a Christ-centred environment and to support, develop and promote the educative mission of the Catholic Church.


  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Compassion
  • Tolerance
  • Hope
  • Love
  • Trust
  • Dignity.


  • children are the focus of all our endeavours
  • in a caring school community where all feel safe, valued and respected
  • in an educational environment where we continually strive to meet the needs of children and the challenge of educational change.


  • our Catholic tradition
  • the uniqueness and achievements of the individual
  • the richness of the diverse culture and background of our school community. 

Sacred Heart Mt Druitt




Faith Community

We strive to build a strong and caring faith community where children meet and deepen their knowledge and love of Jesus.

School Community

We strive to provide an environment where pastoral care is evident in relationships which are based on respect, honesty, and affirmation.

Learning Environment

We strive to make a difference in the lives of the children entrusted to our care, by developing children who are happy, confident and independent.
We strive to support the personal, spiritual and professional development of our staff by providing access to high quality professional development.


We strive to provide a relevant and balanced curriculum, reflecting student needs and current educational thinking.


We strive to support, encourage and involve parents in understanding all aspects of their child’s education.
We strive to promote the school and foster positive relationships with the wider community.